MODU Wall Panels - Partition Walls For Purchase

Temporary Booths, Temporary Walling and Partitions For School. Colleges, Universities and Office Environments

Easy Fit Wall Panels

Modu Walls Panels have been developed to meet various client needs including :

1) Exhibition Display Walling -  That enables a professional exhibition to be produced economically & quickly. 

The Panels allow numerous self supporting configurations to be constructed quickly and easily, clients have the flexibility to design their exhibition around the constrainsts of the available space.

2) Partitioning Walls that are demountable  - That enable open plan areas to be made into flexible work spaces.

We are finding that our Higher Education clients particularly like the flexibility of our system which allows the creation of student work and display spaces, which can be changed quickly and easily according to their needs. 


Easy Install

Latching system using large allen key enable a quick, easy and no skill required installation.


Numerous different self supporting configurations that can be constructed using the post and panel system.

Easy Refurbish

With a few minutes, a tube of filler, sandpaper, brilliant white emulation and a paint roller, these panels can be made as good as new after each exhibition.

Fantastic Finish

All panels painted in brilliant white as standard. Custom colours are available upon request.

Wall Panels From £100 + VAT