About us

MODU exhibitions stands for Modular exhibitions as we specialise in temporary walling for art exhibitions and exhibitions stands that are modular.

We specialise in creating temporary art exhibition using our art display walls. They are modular and can be configured in many different layouts. Our display panels come refurbished and painted matt white, we allow to be hung direct onto them using either screws, pins, nails or velcro. From only £17 per panel. Feel free to contact us for a quote, we work nationwide and cater for small art displays for individuals to Colleges and universities student art shows.

As well the temporary art galleries we create we also design, build and install exhibition stands. Whether that be shell scheme style walls or a custom built exhibition stand. We stock a variety of plinths and furniture such as retail clothing rails, displays, reception counters and tables. New stock added all the time and custom furniture creation available.